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The only way to find out the best option for you is to chat about it. But if you are feeling a little iffy (which is normal!), here's some more information:

For Consulting, here's how it works:

Administrative Support

  • Invoice creation

  • Contracts 

  • Google Drive Management 

  • Calendar Integrations

  • Email Management

Data & Research

I can gather data about events, collaborations, competitors, leads and partners and put them on a pretty spreadsheet for you to check out. Then, I can also do the corresponding outreach.

Project Management

I'll set up deadlines, responsible team mates and important notes & descriptions to the tasks & projects in your PM tool (like Asana) - Keeping everyone accountable and on track.


Delegating and finding out what you don't need to be doing can be hard. I'll hop on a zoom call with you, where we'll brainstorm the tools, the tasks and effective communication techniques to be able to make the most out of your new digital employee.

For Consulting, here's how it works:


We will jump on a 1 hour call on Zoom and see what is it that you need the most help with right now​. We'll talk about your current systems and what you shouldn't be doing yourself


We will set priorities, assign deadlines and responsible team mates and figure out the best tools for you to utilize


You decide if you'd like me to execute out game plan for you, or if you are ready to tackle things on your own. Either way, I'm here for you :) 

You'll get a PDF with the recap and the recording

Your Two Options:

Cliffs and River

Consulting Call

One hour call


Tools + Strategy

Game Plan

PDF + Recording

Hourly Packages

Office Hours availability 

Pop up tasks are OK 

Brainstorming sessions 

Bi-weekly check in calls

Reports and accountability 



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