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About Me


A Latina Digital Business Manager from Caracas, Venezuela with 5 years of experience.

I help outdoor women-owned creative businesses who are swamped and overwhelmed with the backend tasks of their businesses gain back free time, get organized and streamline their processes so they can focus on taking in more clients, make more money and wander outside.


My why is to show you that you don't have to take on everything yourself, (this is NOT a sign of weakness) and that you can delegate and feel confident about having a second in command (aka: me)


I hike, camp and do CrossFit, and I understand how important it is for you to spend time in nature, and truly connect with the present moment, while still running a business.

Solutions - Oriented

Marina anticipates my needs and has a knack for proposing solutions to organizational inefficiencies I wouldn't have thought of! She is excited to do the little stuff I hate, all the way up to the big stuff I don't hate, but just don't have time for and need some help with.

Jenna Celmer

Basecamp Outdoor


Wonder Less, Wander More

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