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Cliffs and River

Digital Business Manager

aka: second in command


Hola, I'm Marina,
a Latina Digital Business Manager

You don't have to take on everything yourself as a business owner; this is NOT a sign of weakness! You can delegate (or learn how to!) and feel confident about having a second in command (aka: me)

Here's How I Can Help

I know it will "only take 5min" to update your blog, reply to that e-mail, do research on a lead, create that invoice and follow up on a client... But those 5min keep adding up until you are stuck doing the "backend" tasks and not what you are meant to be doing: Kicking ass in your zone of genius

Administrative Support

Invoice creation


Google Drive Management 

Calendar Integrations

Email Management

Data & Research

I can gather data about events, collaborations, competitors, leads and partners and put them on a pretty spreadsheet for you to check out. Then, I can also do the corresponding outreach

Project Management

I'll set up deadlines, responsible team mates and important notes & descriptions to the tasks & projects in your PM tool (like Asana) - Keeping everyone accountable and on track


Delegating and finding out what you don't need to be doing can be hard. I'll hop on a zoom call with you, where we'll brainstorm the tools, the tasks and effective communication techniques to be able to make the most out of your new digital employee.

Mountain Road

Brands I've worked with:

Basecamp Team

We appreciate her efforts towards the production of our weekly newsletter, she is responsible & passionate about what she does.

Margo Stoney

Working with Marina feels like spending years with a useless boyfriend then dumping him for one who cooks and does the dishes ;) 

Martina Russo

...but with Marina it finally feels like we can take a breather – she fits perfectly within our team, and is a real pleasure to work with.

Delegating is not a sign of weakness

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